Rentokil Initial Sweden

Global expertise, with a local service, we are experts in the essentials. It is the promise that we make to our customers and it’s the commitment that we give to our colleagues. Our job is to be the experts, focused on taking care of the essentials, so our customers can focus on what they do best.

Rentokil Initial Sweden has three divisions; Rentokil Pest Control, Sweden Recycling and Ambius. Through these three brands we can offer you an all-encompassing solution to all your business service needs. 

We are also part of the Nordic Region and can as such support Pan-Nordic businesses.

Rentokil is the world’s leading commercial pest control company providing the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness across the globe. 

We have been protecting the reputation, homes and business of Sweden for almost 50 years, delivering global expertise right to your door using local people.

Sweden Recycling are experts in the environmental waste management for dental practitioners since 1982. We want to reduce environmental pollution by promoting the safe and efficient disposal of hazardous waste from dental clinics, and we also manage the obligatory waste audit that is a requirement in Sweden.


Bringing life to your office

Ambius is one of the leading workplace enrichment companies in Sweden. Specialising in indoor plant solutions, exterior landscaping and artwork hire, Ambius create an inviting and inspiring workplace environment. Scientifically proven to increase productivity and staff well-being, creating a nurturing work environment has never been so important.